A Personal Message from Tony:

“Look for the good in everyone and let your light shine.”  That was the advice I received from my mother growing up as a child until her passing in 2009, at the age of 97.  Every morning, before I face the day, I remember that advice and look for ways to do exactly that in my intentions and actions. 

It has been my motto and reason I am running for Congress in the 8th CD. 

I have to admit, it’s been a roller coaster election year for me.  I made the decision to run earlier this year and officially entered the race in May.  However, for a few personal and practical reasons, I stepped out of the race thereafter.

When I learned that I had won the August 2, primary, and would be moving on to the general election as the chosen Democratic candidate, I looked up in the sky, found a bright star and said, “Mom what do I do now?”  I'm certain her response to me was, as it had always been, “Look for the good in people and let your light shine.”

And that is what I plan to do both every day throughout this campaign and my term of office, if so elected in November.  I will reach out to the residents in the five counties across the massive 8th congressional district, and I will listen to and learn about their concerns and issues.  I will work tirelessly to find realistic solutions, both here at home and on Capitol Hill, and dedicate my efforts toward bringing those solutions to success.

I am focused upon running my "grass roots" campaign with genuine care and concern for the people and their issues.  And I want to be your next Representative in Congress.  Make no mistake about it, running in this election against a six-term incumbent will be a challenge.  But it is a challenge that I am prepared to take on with committed resolve to serving the people of the 8th District, and with a smile on my face.  We can do this together. 

There are many ways you can help to support our “People’s Campaign,” from simply spreading the word about our message to volunteering or making a contribution through this website.  I am looking forward to meeting as many of you as I can in the coming weeks and thanking you personally for your support.